Why Go Direct?

We believe there's no need for a middle man.

This website is designed to give you the tools to go directly to employers to find a new job. Why go direct?

If you go direct you’re saving company potentially thousands on recruitment fees. This makes your application more favourable. We cannot stress this enough - recruitment fees are very, very expensive for a company and usually their last resort (typically 15-25% of your salary). If they have two candidates of similar standard fit for a role and you’re the one who comes without a £5,000+ fee attached to you, your chances will have significantly increased of being offered the job ahead of the other person.

Another reason to go direct is that you’d have control of your applications. A common issue with the current usual recruitment process is the fact you’ve engaged with a middle man who you often don’t know, and who’s intentions/goals are not necessarily aligned with yours. Can you trust the recruiter to represent you in the way that you want? Have they told you every company they’re aware of? (some companies may have negotiated the fees lower than others, so they’d only tell you about the companies that benefit them the most).

Instead of a recruiter buttering things up, as if everything is perfect whereas you might find that behind the scenes the company is not ran well. They also may embellish facts or omit them. Going direct, you can make accurate judgement calls on a company based on their recruitment process, speed at which they get back to you, professionalism etc.

If you take ownership of your own job search, your CV won't anywhere you don’t want it to go. Common problem in recruitment is that once your CV has been sent to a recruiter, nothing is stopping him or her spamming it across their contacts to maximise the chance of getting a response. In fact, this regularly happens as recruitment is a target driven sales business model with pressure from management to send out prospective CVs (read: your CV) en masse to potential employers.

There are thousands of horror stories about recruiters being a hindrance (sometimes spectacularly), going missing, going rogue or just generally being inept. There's a reason the industry has a bad name. The whole job application process is one that can require nuance and a detailed knowledge of expectations from both sides from the outset. There is no bar to entry in recruitment, and while there are plenty of decent recruiters out there, there are enough useless/greedy ones to mean you’ll likely deal with at least one in your career.

How do I go direct? / What are the best tools to use?

You can use our search engine to find companies within a location that employ people like you. From there you can have a look at their careers page/LinkedIn page, website and Glassdoor, and apply for jobs as you please.

For live jobs, there are ways of searching job boards without bringing back agency adverts. These screenshots show where you can click the boxes on Reed and Indeed to bring back results only directly from employers. Monster and CV Library do not have this function.


LinkedIn is a general database for professionals, in the UK there are about 20 million members (out of about 30 million people in work). Like Facebook, you create your own profile with a picture, and then list the jobs you've had. You can use this tool to research companies, find out about their culture/news etc. You can search for jobs using LinkedIn's own jobs tool, find out people’s names, who works where and in what capacity?

Bear in mind it’s not always up to date, not regulated and big proportion of those 20 million users are not regularly logging on.